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ExtenZe® is a popular male enhancement pill that claims to increase a male’s sexual performance by improving erection size and increasing vigor. It enhances blood circulation, increases testosterone production, and enhances stamina.

ExtenZe is a completely natural and entirely safe product. It was processed in drug manufacturing establishments within the FDA-supervised and controlled environment.

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Made In The USA

ExtenZe® is manufactured in the USA


GMP Certified

ExtenZe® is among the certified companies that adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice standards.


100% Natural

ExtenZe® contains exclusively natural ingredients, ensuring both efficacy and safety of the product.

What is ExtenZe®

ExtenZe® is a powerful health supplement aimed at men who want to improve their sexual performance and increase their sexual health. These pills are packed with natural ingredients like herbs, vitamins, and minerals renowned for helping men achieve better stamina and endurance in the bedroom.

These fast-acting pills can also help users overcome erectile dysfunction and increase penis size, leading to an increase in overall sexual satisfaction.

You can purchase ExtenZe® as an over-the-counter supplement without a doctor’s prescription and use it immediately.

ExtenZe® is available in several forms, including its original and extended-release formulas. Also available now is ExtenZe® with testosterone boost for a more powerful experience, plus the ExtenZe® liquid cherry beverage.

Expected Results and Benefits

There are several benefits that you can expect from consuming ExtenZe® pills.

Firstly, remember that these pills are fast-acting. So, taking one only when you’re ready to experience its effects is best.

Next, remember that ExtenZe® pills are long-lasting. That’s why taking them first thing in the morning is best to get the most value out of each pill.

Once that pill is in your system, you can look forward to a more pleasurable experience in the bedroom overall.

The ingredients in ExtenZe® can also help your cardiovascular system so you can go harder for much longer, thanks to increased stamina.

An increase in penis size is also known to happen when consuming ExtenZe®, making it another effect worth looking forward to when taking this supplement.

How Is ExtenZe® Different And How It Works

ExtenZe® stands out from its competitors thanks to its unique proprietary blend. It combines over 20 ingredients that are well-known for improving overall male vitality into one convenient, extended-release serving!

Some of its most notable ingredients include:

• Horny Goat Weed: Also known as Epimedium, this ingredient is often used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as an aphrodisiac that improves male sexual health.

• Korean Ginseng: Also known as Panax ginseng, it is used across Asia to improve erectile dysfunction, boost stamina, and improve male libido.

• Tongkat Ali: Popular in Southeast Asia, this ingredient increases testosterone levels for better male sexual health!

• L-Arginine: An amino acid that improves hormonal functions and promotes blood flow to the penis.

• Yohimbe: An ingredient widely used in Africa for its aphrodisiac benefits like increasing libido and sexual desire.

These and plenty of other ingredients provide the benefits that you'll get from taking extenze.

Here's how ExtenZe® works when you consume it:

ExtenZe® is fast-acting, so you'll start feeling its benefits soon after taking your first serving. The unique proprietary blend of ingredients improves blood flow and increases libido throughout the day.

Aside from increasing your penis size, ExtenZe® also works to support your cardiovascular system. That means it'll help increase your stamina so you can go harder for longer!

Best of all, the extended-release feature means you'll only need one tablet for a full day of action. Take it upon waking up in the morning, and let it work for you throughout the entire day!

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ExtenZe® Ingredients

ExtenZe® packs a powerful punch thanks to its unique proprietary blend of over 20 well-known ingredients.

Some of the most notable ones in each pill are:

Horny Goat Weed

First is Epimedium, also known as Horny Goat Weed. Often used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Horny Goat Weed is known to be an aphrodisiac that can benefit male sexual health.

Horny Goat Weed is often used to improve erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems.

TCM practitioners also prescribe Horny Goat Weed for general health to improve things like bone density, among others.

Korean Ginseng

ExtenZe® also contains Korean Ginseng, also known as Panax ginseng. This ingredient has been used widely by many Asian cultures for general health benefits like reducing stress and enhancing energy.

Korean Ginseng is also known to help improve erectile dysfunction, boost libido, and lengthen sexual stamina.

Tribulus Terrestris

This is a powerful herb that’s been used not only in Asia but also in Europe and Africa. Scientifically known as Tribulus Terrestris, this herb is known by many different names depending on where it’s used.

Regardless of its name, the cultures that use this aphrodisiac do so for its testosterone-boosting benefits and its ability to increase a person’s sex drive.


The power behind ExtenZe® also comes from several amino acids, with L-Arginine being the most popular one. You might already be somewhat familiar with this one, as it’s common in the United States and surrounding countries.

The amino acid is popular for good reasons. First, it helps maintain overall health by regulating your body’s immune and hormonal functions.

More importantly, it has a lot of potential as an erectile dysfunction treatment thanks to its ability to promote blood flow.


One ingredient you’ll certainly recognize is Zinc. This common trace element is essential for many processes in your body. It supports your immunity, metabolism, and much more.

In ExtenZe® pills, Zinc stands out for its value in male reproductive health by helping sperm production and blood flow to the penis for proper erectile function.


ExtenZe® also includes a popular ingredient called Yohimbe, which originates from Africa. It’s an alkaloid used in promoting sexual health with its aphrodisiac properties that increase libido and sexual desire.

Simultaneously, Yohimbe also improves blood flow thanks to its vasodilatory effects, which widen blood vessels. That improves blood flow to all body parts, including the genitals.

As a result, Yohimbe is said to help improve erectile dysfunction.

Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)

Another key ingredient in ExtenZe® with vasodilatory effects is Gamma-aminobutyric acid, also known as GABA. This ingredient is a neurotransmitter that people use for several of its health benefits, including its ability to help with erectile dysfunction.

GABA accomplishes that by promoting indirect benefits like:

Reducing stress: High levels of stress are known to affect a person’s sexual performance. So, GABA could help you perform your best by reducing your overall stress levels.
Reducing anxiety: Anxiety is another factor with negative effects on your sexual performance, even leading to erectile dysfunction. GABA helps to regulate anxiety and reduce its negative effects.
Improving sleep: Another reason behind GABA’s mainstream popularity is its ability to help improve sleep quality. Doing so could help you further reduce your stress and anxiety levels so you can have a more enjoyable sex life.

GABA has been gaining mainstream popularity in recent years and continues to do so because of its benefits, which you can now enjoy through ExtenZe® pills.

Tongkat Ali

Another one of ExtenZe®’s important ingredients comes all the way from Southeast Asia, and it’s called Tongkat Ali. The ingredient comes from a plant native to countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia and has been widely used for its medicinal properties.

Among other things, Tongkat Ali is known for increasing testosterone levels. Higher levels of that hormone is known to help male sexual health with increases in libido and even in building muscle.

On top of that, Tongkat Ali also helps improve sperm quality while reducing stress and anxiety.

The combination of those effects is what makes it such a powerful ingredient in terms of male sexual health, and it’s also another reason behind ExtenZe® pills’ popularity.

ExtenZe® Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still have some doubts? Don’t worry! It’s always an excellent idea to ask questions before taking supplements, including extenze.

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) to put your mind at ease!

Is ExtenZe® Safe?

Yes, ExtenZe® is safe to consume thanks to its natural and high-quality ingredients and strict production standards. Remember to read and follow the instructions carefully to maximize its benefits and your safety.
If you have any doubts, check with your doctor before taking extenze. A medical professional can help you ensure ExtenZe® doesn't clash with any medications you're currently taking or any pre-existing conditions you might have.

How Long Do I Take ExtenZe®?

ExtenZe® has a leg up on its competition by giving you plenty of convenience. You only need to take one serving every 24 hours to continue enjoying its benefits.
The extended-release feature ensures that your body will benefit from its unique blend of ingredients throughout the day.
So, be sure to take ExtenZe® first thing in the morning upon waking. That'll ensure it keeps you going all through the afternoon and night!

How Soon Will I Receive My Order?

Delivery time for your order will depend on several factors, including your location, shipping method, and other conditions on the ground. You can check for the estimated delivery details when placing your order and checking out.

What If ExtenZe® Doesn’t Work For Me?

Suppose you find that ExtenZe® isn't working. In that case, start by checking all instructions provided to ensure you use it as directed.
Next, check with your doctor to see if any other medications or supplements you're taking clash with ExtenZe® and prevent you from enjoying its benefits.
Lastly, speak to your doctor about any pre-existing conditions you might have and whether they're preventing you from enjoying ExtenZe®'s benefits.

Where Is ExtenZe® Made?

Rest assured that the ExtenZe® you're taking is made according to the strictest industry standards in Monrovia, California, by Biotab Nutraceuticals Inc. Its ingredients come from high-quality sources to ensure your safety and satisfaction.


Overall, ExtenZe® is a male sexual health supplement that packs a lot of value in a single pill. Its makers have blended several ingredients from all over the world, each one known to contribute to male sexual health and performance while aiding in problems like erectile dysfunction.

Best of all, all those benefits come in a single pill you only have to take once a day. That convenience means you can take the pill in the morning and go about your day without needing to take additional doses.

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